What to Bring to Your First Meeting


At our first meeting, we want to get to know you and gain a basic understanding of your financial situation. To help save time and make your first meeting as effective as possible, we recommend bringing the following documents. These will help us to get a complete picture of your finances and provide us with insight based on your goals.

  • Statements for any current investment accounts
  • Statements for your retirement plan(s)
  • General knowledge of any significant debt obligations
  • Understanding of your cash flow needs (income, expenses, etc.)
  • Tax returns for the previous year, or three years if your income is inconsistent
  • Trusts in which you have an interest
  • Life insurance information (statements, policies, etc.)
  • Disability information
  • Social Security Statements (if you are older than 50)
  • Beneficiary information (Social Security numbers and birthdates)
  • Contact information for your CPA, attorney, holder of your POA or any other individual you feel we would need to contact during the planning process

If you are married, we would like your spouse to accompany you, if it’s possible.

You can always contact us prior to the meeting with any questions or concerns.